An App That Can Rewire Your Thought Patterns For a Happy and Successful Life

February 24, 2019


Every situation that you face in life can by interpreted in various ways depending on the circumstances.

Chronic presence of unusual circumstances, like a long term stress, an abusive parent, bad friendships etc in life tempt you reach in uncommon interpretations. Such interpretations becomes your habit.

Then you’ll keep interpreting everything according to that habit even in usual circumstances and reach in wrong conclusions.

Concluding you’re good for nothing just based on a small failure in life could be because of a wrong thought habit you acquired from being with a person who blame you a lot for even minor things.

Most of the maladaptive ( negative) thoughts in life is a rsult of such an unfortunate incident in your life. To undo it, you need to develop a newer habit of being mindful about your existing thought habits. Psyple will train your brain to do so and eventually develop positive thoughts patterns enabling you for a more successful and happier life.

Psyple app is being made, it will be released once completed. Please like Psyple’s Facebook page for updates.